AOI Analysis - Automatic Shadow Analysis

Plug-In category: Fabrication Tools, Simulation Plug-In included in: PCBI Fabrication, PCBI Ultimate

It often happens that during the development of platesdesign deficiencies aren´t detected before manufacturing or e.g. during the Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI).

Sometimes plates have to be redesigned afterwards or inspected separately by hand for soldering defects as the AOI inspection camera isn´t able to look at particular pins due to excessively close placed components, thus they can´t be inspected for correctness.

To minimize or at best eliminate this risk and thereby the resulting expenditure, the Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) Simulation had been developed. It enables a simulation in 2D as wells as in 3D.

By 2D simulating, you are able to measure spacings of any pin on the board in its expected test direction to the other components.

If you detect another component with only a small distance in this direction, the system will report. The distance is calculated in consideration of the camera angle.

So, with the help of the AOI Simulation it can be ensured that all component pins are visible for the inspection camera during the production process and are therefore automatically testable.

By 3D simulating all components can be examined with the help of their shadows.

For this purpose, shadows pursuant to the forms of the components are displayed according to the directions of inspection (vertical and horizontal). If a component or its pin is located in this shadow, the testability will be endangered. Possibly this component won´t be reviewable.

Marked components and their pins are listed with the corresponding shadowing components and can be checked with the help of this list. The list entries include information like e.g. the distances to the shadowing components.

By using the AOI analysis provided by PCB-Investigator, you are able to guarantee the subsequent testability even during the design process and then reduce the production costs!

User Guide:
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