CSV Component Import

Plug-In category: Import Export Plug-In included in: PCBI Fabrication, PCBI Developer, PCBI Ultimate
Import components from CSV file.
If you have an excel file with locations, packages and references it is possible to recreate a component layer with this plugin and save it as ODB++ or GenCAD 1.4.

You have a bill of material and some Gerber data? Use both with PCB-Investigator and import your components from CSV file to a new component layer to the Gerber stackup.

In the background this import used the component library, if you add your components one time to the package list of component library you can use them for any csv-component-placement-list to import it to your designs.

There is also an option "Add Pin Pads" to create a document layer for top and/or bottom side pads. This pad layer is a ideal basic document to create your own mask and or paste layer. You need a other function of PCB-Investigator to create the oversizes, for this have a look here: