High Resolution Images for Automated Optical Inspection

Plug-In category: Fabrication Tools Plug-In included in: PCBI Fabrication, PCBI Ultimate

In the manufacture of printed circuit boards, the automated optical inspection is an important step to find defects in the production and to fix them if necessary.

For this purpose, PCB data is pictured in a black and white image, scanned and compared to perfect parts.
With the AOI Plug-in you can create high-resolution bitmap graphics with 1bpp. A variety of settings guarantees an output according to your wishes and thus a fault analysis according to your requirements.

For example select the layers you want to be inspected and avoid an unnecessarily long analysis. Or display only a selected area of the layer.

To allow a problem-free comparison, define the DPI value to adapt the data set to the used camera and to the DPI value of the compared part. The background color can be changed according to your needs as well.

The export, however, is not limited to a black-white-coloring and to a restricted resolution pixel grid. With “Anti-Alias” you have the possibility to use grey values for soft edges. Thereby the graphic is displayed in 8bpp.

To increase the performance, the plug-in uses muti-threading technology and ensures a fast and detailed export of images with 10.000 DPI and more.

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