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For a battery-powered Motor, the DC battery current must be converted into alternating current (AC). The conversion takes place on a PCB with transistors, a control and monitoring processor (gate driver) and other sensor components. However, the power supply is not possible without losses, which heat up the assembly.

To simulate the temperature, PCB-Investigator Physics from EasyLogix is used.

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Version 12.3 of PCB-Investigator is out now!

Don't hesitate and get the latest release to benefit from its innovations!

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It´s time again!

The latest version V12 of our software PCB-Investigator is now available for you!

As usual, this year's release offers you a variety of new features, upgrades and improvements. And since we have always been focussing on you as our customer, all innovations and modifications are driven by your individual wishes or requests.

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Our new release offers you numerous new features, plug-ins and improvements!

In more than 10 years of successful company history, we have constantly tried to develop our software with a view to progressiveness and process optimization.

Our goal has always been to offer the greatest possible benefit to our customers and to stay a step ahead of current technological trends.

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New plugin now available in version 9.2: Export your layout in popular STEP format.

Convert your data from 2D to 3D and bridge the world of electronics and mechanics. An effective flow of information between the various departments and cross-team working open up unforeseen opportunities.

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In addition to other PCB data formats like ODB++, GenCad, IPC2581, DXF, DPF, ... PCB-Investigator is also able to directly import your EAGLE layout without having to use any ULP program or workaround.

Just drag&drop your '.brd' file, it’s as simple as that!

PCB-Investigator - the perfect tool for data conversion!

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PCB-Investigator V 9.0 is now available!

Our new release offers you many new features, plug-ins and upgrades!

We rely on a continuous developement of our software with objective to extract the maximum benefits for you.
Our efforts satisfy the demands of automation according to the slogan: Better, faster and more efficient!

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Sometimes masks are not defined sufficiently large. In these cases the PCB supplier has to edit the data and enlarge all objects on all template layers. PCB-Investigators "Generate Oversize" is THE tool for this job!

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Our new Video Tutorial Playlist shows how to improve the thermal behaviour of your PCB in many different ways!

For example by adding thermal vias, optimizing the copper structure, or using heat sinks.

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The Bare Board Analysis (DRC) of PCB-Investigator has been completely reworked in the new Version 7 (coming soon!) and now offers a broad range of design rule checks with a dramatically increased performance.

Take a look at our new DRC Video Tutorial and contact us to get a trial version.

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PCB-Investigator Physics is the perfect tool to simulate the physical behaviour of your Printed Circuit Boards during development phase.

It enables you to find thermal hotspots, critical trace resistances and voltage drops that are too high, even before prototyping begins!

Save valuable time and prototype costs with PCBi-Physics!

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Using floating licensing offers an easy and flexible way to share a limited amount of licenses among a larger number of users. After verifying the identity of the user and the availability of a license, the user can check out a license from the floating server to start the software. Up to this point you had to run and service the server yourself. This is where our new Software on Demand System comes into play.

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The new script engine offers an outstanding master plan to create, manage and use scripts to facilitate the daily workload of all users in all areas of application and helps saving time and money. True to the maxim “What doesn´t fit, will be made to fit” nearly all recurring tasks can be automated by a simple script to fulfill the needs of the respective user.

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