Brand New: Physics Simulation

PCB-Investigator Physics is the perfect tool to simulate the physical behaviour of your Printed Circuit Boards during development phase.

It enables you to find thermal hotspots, critical trace resistances and voltage drops that are too high, even before prototyping begins!

With the built-in editing functions of PCB-Investigator Physics it’s even possible to optimize the layout and stack-up to achieve the best possible physical behaviour with only a few clicks!

Save valuable time and prototype costs with the simulations of PCBi-Physics!

To get information about the physical behaviour of your Printed Circuit Board during operation, PCB-Investigator Physics enables you to simulate the following physical properties:

  • The Temperature raise at each location caused by power loss of components or by high currents
  • The Current Density, e.g. at copper bottlenecks or in drills
  • The Voltage Drop and Copper Resistance between any pins on any layer

Welcome to the new world of Simulations - with PCB-Investigator Physics!

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