Release 7.0

PCB-Investigator V 7.0 is now available with many more features.

Beside ODB++, GenCad 1.4, DXF and many more data formats, a new import for DPF files is now available.
Also a new export option for Sieb and Meyer files (drills and routing layers) was implemented.

The Bare Board Analysis (DRC) has been completely reworked and now offers a broad range of design rule checks with a dramatically increased performance (More Details).

For easily defining and editing the PCB stack-up, a new Matrix Dialog was added, including an own material library (More Details).

In order to keep track, we also improved the general map in the info area.

Please find below a short extract of other improvements and changes done in V7:

Interface updates:

  • Many new functions and methods e.g. for handling overlay Images, measure distances and adding new tool definitions
  • New classes to handle notes (INote) and to handle attributes (IAttribute)
  • More methodes to act on mouse events or property changes
  • IPolyClass has many powerfull new methodes

New Plug-In updates:

  • New Plug-In for 3D using DirectX, for a fast and smooth movement
  • Improved gerber export to get smaller file sizes
  • Many lists do now support filtering and a CSV export
  • Reworked user interfaces and many more options in most Plug-Ins


» Automation Interface Update (pdf)

» Release Notes (pdf)

» Interface Documentation


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