damaged polygons

Hello PCBI Team,
is there a way to find problems with polygons, sometimes there are damaged combinations of net polygons. How to find them to repair?
Most of my tests it appeard by loading gerber files and call polygonize layer in the matrix.
Please let me know how to find such dangerous elements.
Many thanks

Hello Klaus,

there are many ways to check the polygons. By generating polygonized layers with the matrix dialog all polygons foreach net (connected elements) are generated as surfaces.

You can have a look in the edit tab to check your surfaces by edge points (go through the list and have a look on each outline elment).
You can also check the image of the elements before polygonize the elements and the output after by compare layers graphically.
If you make a copy of the layer before you easily activate both layers, than you see on the display whether there is a difference.

Hope this helps.


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