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I work with PCB-Investigator and have to add features some times. This dialog is a little bit confusing. It will be nice if there comes an update that is more intuitiv.

Edit Feature dialog can be better too. After adding an new pad, i want to check the position and edit it if its wrong, but I have to close the add dialog first and select the pad (nothing else) before i can edit the pad.

It will be very nice to get an update for this work.

Bye Peter

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Hi Peter,

we have discuss this point internal and agree to update the add feature dialog.
We can send you an beta in a few days, please contact us per mail (


is there a way to move objects via drag and drop?

Hi Stevennam,
we have no drag and drop function for features like pad or arc. The reason is because it's not possible to set the items exactly via mouse clicks.

For lines we have two drag and drop variants, one to split a line in two elements and set the new point via mouse and the other option is to move a line end with mouse cursor to change routing.

You can try it in demo version -> Edit Object by selecting a line.

In the add feature dialog you can set all elements (arc, line, pad, text or surface) with mouse cursor, maybe this is the better option for you.


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