Next release?

Is already known when the next release will be published?
and what new features come?

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Hi Johannes,

we have planed the next release come in a few weeks (~begin of November).
there are many new things in PCB-Investigator e.g. the 3D tool is complete new and new features for the mesure dialog (freehand and polyline measure modes).
There is also a dialog to create net groups and a new alternative for showing selections.

The complete list follows after the release.

your easylogix-team

What are the features of next relese? Is there something new that we need?

There are a long list of new features, we put a list with release notes online after the relese next weeks.

Some features are:
- new menu handling with metro style
- analyse negativ layers and convert them to poyitive layers
- new organizer for better teamwork

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