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Benefit as developer – both in HW and SW development – from PCB-Investigator’s various features ranging from basic functions to helpful analyses.

Concerning EMC and Hazard Analysis PCB-Investigator supports you with automated length and distance calculations and visualizes the results both as text and graphically. Like that, unnecessary disturbances in the end product can be avoided easily.

Change tracking, which is is especially helpful in your communication with designers, is integrated efficiently with both a net and a component based Compare Plug-In.

A detailed and accurate documentation of all relevant data - with our Design Report Plug-In - in combination with the Embedded Function avoids expensive misunderstandings.

In the assembly, a variety of possibilities for simplifying your workflow can be found in PCB-Investigator:

Prepare test adapter data for a Testpoint analysis or avoid any possibility of problems in fabrication with a Component and Tombstone Check. PCB-Investigator offers the matching solution for any requirement.

In the assembly SolidWorks is another important tool, that can be connected easily with PCBI via an export and import function: PCB-Investigator even replaces simulated components independently with real SolidWorks parts after exporting.

Pick&Place is a common procedure in assembly and is supported by PCB-Investigator as well, no matter whether it comes to Pick&Place data creation or data base generation.

PCB-Investigator can support or even take work sequences in PCB Fabrication as well.

As en excellent Viewing Tool it highlights important information for any upcoming task like showing hotspots in order to avoid errors and rejects. Another strength of PCB-Investigator is the DFM area: With a wide-ranging Bare Board Analysis (DRC) or by preparing PCB data as high resolution black-white graphics for the AOI, PCB-Investigator helps avoiding costly and time-consuming remanufactures in the first place.

Panel Building for prototype or serial production is another important step. PCB-Investigator can support you optimally with the Panel Builder Plug-In.

Our new release offers you numerous new features, plug-ins and improvements!

In more than 10 years of successful company history, we have constantly tried to develop our software with a view to progressiveness and process optimization.

Our goal has always been to offer the greatest possible benefit to our customers and to stay a step ahead of current technological trends.

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A PCB runs through many different starting with its development and design to its production: Experience the easiest way to exchange data and avoid expensive misunderstandings!

Using PCB-Investigator Embedded Export Viewer you enable every involved person to work with PCB-Investigator without buying more licenses or time-consuming installations. Choose the plus version Embedded plus and automate your viewer for your individual needs.

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New plugin now available in version 9.2: Export your layout in popular STEP format.

Convert your data from 2D to 3D and bridge the world of electronics and mechanics. An effective flow of information between the various departments and cross-team working open up unforeseen opportunities.

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PCB-Investigator Physics is a powerful tool for simulating the physical behavior of PCBs even during the development phase.

The newest upgrade enables you to display current flow with the help of arrows in a plain animation.

Identify the direction of current flow on your designs at first sight! Watch innovative options of thermal simulation by using PCBi-Physics!

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