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Simplify complex PCB processes such as design, data preparation and production. Experience effortless management of your parts lists, layouts and production data.

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With PCB-Investigator, you benefit from powerful DRC/DFX analysis functions that help you to penetrate complex PCB layouts quickly and precisely. Our software enables in-depth analysis and helps you to identify and resolve potential problems at an early stage. The extensive visualization options provide you with a clear overview of your designs, allowing you to make informed decisions. This leads to a significant reduction in development errors and minimizes the need for expensive rework.


PCB-Investigator offers advanced simulation tools that allow you to test your designs under realistic conditions. By simulating thermal and electrical properties, you can optimize the performance and reliability of your PCBs as early as the development phase.

This significantly shortens development cycles and ensures that your products reach the market faster and more reliably. You can also avoid costly production errors and failures by identifying and eliminating potential weak points at an early stage.

Design Review

Our software makes it easier for you to carry out comprehensive design reviews by clearly displaying and comparing all relevant data and information. PCB-Investigator helps you to efficiently review your designs and ensure that all specifications and requirements are met. The ability to add comments and annotations directly to the design files significantly improves communication and collaboration within your team. This leads to increased productivity and a faster time to market for your products.


PCB-Investigator is an indispensable tool for the production and assembly of printed circuit boards. Our software supports you in the seamless output of machine formats for production and test machines. This leads to a significant reduction in rejects and considerably shortens throughput times. In addition, the simple management of bills of materials (BOMs) and the integration of layouts and production data enable efficient production planning and monitoring. Numerous electronics manufacturing companies worldwide rely on PCB-Investigator to optimize their processes and maximize their productivity.

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