Play it safe! Check your PCB design for its producibility with the innovative Design Rule Check (DRC) of the PCB-Investigator!

Through a perfectly thought-out and designed PCB layout, not only the failure frequency (ppm) can be reduced, but also the production costs! In addition, the time to market can be accelerated by fewer queries from the PCB manufacturer!

The already predefined inspection rules can also be easily supplemented with your own rules using the new Rule File Manager. Rule sets can be created according to company standards or supplier requirements.

Within seconds, the complete design is checked for producibility:

  • Copper spacing / track widths
  • Rest rings for (laser) drill holes and copper pads
  • Solder mask clearance for holes, solder pads and test points
  • Copper spacing to non-through holes
  • Drill diameters and spacing
  • Missing or duplicate holes
  • Exposed copper areas and undercutting for solder mask clearance
  • Blind leads
  • Missing connections and short circuits

Play it safe when it comes to producibility! With the Design Rule Check of the PCB Investigator!


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