Streamline your bill of materials with the BOM Expert plugin in PCBI!

PCB-Investigator BOM Expert is used for preparing and verifying the bill of materials for a printed circuit board assembly. It offers a complete solution for importing AVL lists in different formats, such as Excel, CSV, TXT or XML. You can seamlessly import AVL lists into our software with the easy-to-use default importer or a custom import script.

The “BOM Expert” matches the part numbers from the AVL list with a specified parts library. For example, our EPL (EasyLogix Part Library) can be used here, which contains all common part types. The library is constantly updated and extended to ensure that you always have the latest and most up-to-date parts.

To ensure that the parts fit the layout, the “BOM Expert” uses the real part geometries from the library to graphically overlay them on the CAD parts. Angle and position corrections can be specified directly to ensure that all parts are accurately positioned. An automatic analysis of the pins helps and reliably reports mismatched parts.

If, according to the AVL list, several alternative parts are possible, the “BOM Expert” can be used to select one of the parts, e.g. that of the preferred supplier. The tool allows you to check the properties and attributes of the selected part to make sure it meets your requirements.

At the end, the CAD information is supplemented with the properties from the library to ensure that all the parts are correctly described. This allows an accurate representation of the realistic component body in the CAD design. In addition, if available in the library, the components are supplemented with a 3D step model to provide an even more realistic representation.

The digital twin of the PCB created using “BOM Expert” is thus an exact replica of the physical prototype and can be used for further analyses, simulations and machine exports. There, the added information provides great added value.


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