Ensure that your PCBs are produced error-free with PCB Investigator’s DFM Analysis plugin!

The DFM Analysis Plugin is a plugin for the PCB design software PCB-Investigator. DFM stands for “Design for Manufacturing” and refers to the design of printed circuit boards with the goal of ensuring efficient and defect-free production without compromising product safety.

The plugin provides a variety of features for users to perform a DFM analysis directly in the PCB design and identify potential problems in manufacturing before production begins. These include:

  • Selective Soldering: verify the position and orientation of through-hole technology (THT) components to ensure they are correctly placed according to given specifications.
  • Fiducial Marker Analysis: allows verification of the placement of markers for AOI analysis to ensure they are correctly placed according to the selected specifications
  • Panelization: the DFM panelization tool verifies that your panel meets the specified dimensions
  • Testpoint: checks the distance between test points and components
  • Solder Paste: solder paste analysis provides a comprehensive check of the component pins for the presence of a solder paste object as well as a defined copper pad and solder mask spacing. It also verifies that the solder paste is within the solder mask distance.
  • Trace Under Component: allows you to check components for unauthorized copper traces under their body between their pins.

By using DFM you can avoid errors in PCB assembly and achieve higher efficiency in PCB manufacturing!


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