DFT Preparation Plugin: Supported tester types and export formats!

The DFT Preparation Plugin offers you everything
you need to plan and create test programs. So far,
the machines of the brands Seica, Takaya
and i3070
are supported by us for this purpose.

The following tester types are supported:

ICT Tester (Fixture):

For ICT testers, you can have automated needle positions created with rule-based needle sizes and minimum distances. Test points, vias or THT pins can be used as a basis for this.

The needle positions are created according to the set rules with the necessary minimum distances to the neighboring components and to each other.

Flying Probe (Fixtureless):

In addition to test points, vias or THT pins, the SMD pins of the individual components are also available for flying probe testers. Here, the SMD pads are automatically contacted from the outside in an offset manner to avoid possible damage to the components.

Targeted short-circuit tests can also be defined for this system according to different rules.

For all test systems, you can define the required number of test accesses per network and add or fix individual accesses manually. Of course, all automatically set accesses can also be moved or otherwise edited via drag & drop.

For each component, you can also store a test model with various parameters, such as transistor tests or potentiometer tests. These test models as well as the exact component contour can also be retrieved via the EasyLogix Part Library (EPL), for example, which can additionally accelerate and simplify the generation of a test program.

Various statistics about the test coverage help to further optimize the test program before the final machine export is generated. The DFT Preparation Plugin also offers the possibility to plan whole panels at once with little effort.

The test programs defined in this way can be exported for the following machines:

  • Seica: The Seica export generates a data package (.alf/.inf/.nod/.par/.sha/.shi) containing all available information about components and networks, in order to be able to create a test program in Seica’s VIVA software as easily as possible.
  • Takaya: The Takaya export creates a “.ca9” file which contains the complete test program. This includes a line analysis where parallel as well as serial resistors/capacitors/inductors are connected, as far as there are no probes for separate tests. Additional vision tests are created for small value components that are lost in the tolerance of the overall system. Export can be done for single-sided Takaya machines as well as for double-sided (4 fingers on one side, 2 on the other).
  • i3070: The i3070 export generates a “board” and “board_xy” file containing all available component and network information to easily complete the test program with the native machine software.
  • Elowerk: The Elowerk export creates a “xCAM” file that contain all available component and net information to easily create the test program with the native machine software. Optionally also Excellon2 files to create the adapter can be exported.
  • Spea: The Spea export creates a “CAD” file that contain all available component and net information to easily create the test program with the native machine software.

Furthermore, an Excellon2 export is available, which greatly simplifies the creation of a needle adapter. Likewise, a test point slide can be automatically generated in PDF format.

The aim of the DFT Preparation Plugin is to define optimal test programs as simply and centrally as possible and independently of the machine used. This means that no expert knowledge is required for the respective machine software. In conjunction with the EasyLogix Part Library (EPL) and the test models stored there, consistently high-quality test programs are also generated in the shortest possible time. At the end, these programs are output using machine-specific parameters for the respective system. The insertion side and rotation can also be defined in the process.

Automate and simplify the planning and creation of your test programs with PCB-Investigator now!

This plug-in is not available in the 30-day PCB-Investigator demo version! Please contact us for a trial version!


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