Optimize your component lists with our powerful CSV import-export plugin!

Our tool allows you to easily combine your existing data such as Gerber layers and create new component layers from existing parts lists. These can then be saved in ODB++ or GenCAD 1.4.

You have a bill of material and some Gerber data? Use both with PCB-Investigator and import your components from CSV file to a new component layer to the Gerber stackup.

What’s special about this is that our plugin directly accesses your component library, so you can add more parts lists at any time.

A particularly handy feature is the “Add Pin Pads” option, which creates a document layer that maps all the pads under the components. This layer is ideal as a basis for creating mask and paste layers. If missing mask layers need to be created, we recommend using the PCB-Investigator’s Oversize function.