Improve your PCB manufacturing with PCB Investigator’s Component Analysis!

Our Component Analysis Plug-in is a powerful tool that helps you improve your PCB manufacturing. Accurate analysis in printed circuit board assembly is crucial for fast assembly and good solderability. We have developed the Component Analysis Tool to easily and quickly identify any components that may cause difficulties in soldering or assembly.

To provide you with a plug-in that works according to your specific requirements, the components can be filtered by package or height before analysis. You define the minimum distance yourself. Pins can be included in the analysis as desired. In addition, it is possible to save all settings and values and reload them during future design checks.
If you set the filters for individual packages, e.g. to test points, you can check which components fall below a minimum distance to your test points.

As possible with any of our plug-ins, selected areas can be analyzed separately. All results can be exported as an Excel or text file and then shared with other team members.

In combination with the Bare Board Analysis plug-in, component analysis guarantees a problem-free manufacturing process.


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