Importing ODB++ data with our ODB++ plugin in PCB-Investigator!

Data formats with different dialects, such as RS274X, can produce different results on different CAM systems. This can lead to significant damage.

ODB++ significantly improves quality by avoiding data exchange errors. Thanks to the distinct definition, multiple interpretations become a thing of the past.

Using the ODB++ plugin, PCB-Investigator can easily import and export ODB++ data. After the import of a ODB++ data set, you can use any of the features of PCB-Investigator.

  • All data is located in one file. Nothing can get lost.
  • There is an exact description of graphical data: Representation of all materials, components etc. as individual layers in a firmly defined layer structure. In addition, netlists, drilling depths, attributes and many other information are at disposal, supplemented by as many additional attributes as required.
  • Layer table (definition of layer names, layer types, polarity and the order of the layers on the PCB)


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