As a data management platform, our hybrid cloud PCB-I 365 can help you digitize and centrally control all your data.

Digitization, BigData, IoT, Smart Manufacturing – terms like these are also of increasing importance in the field of electronics manufacturing. In order to keep pace and avoid overtaking your competitors, it’s time for you to jump on the digitalization bandwagon.

So take the first step and digitalize your data management with PCB-I 365!

Seamlessly integrated with PCB-Investigator, our data management platform PCB-I 365, which was developed specifically for electronics manufacturing, allows you to centrally manage your production data and prepare it for manufacturing. At the same time, PCB-I 365 offers you an elegant answer to the question of how to handle your data with assured integrity.

Our Hybrid Cloud is freely adaptable to customer needs and wishes and allows you to directly map your company structure and working methods. This flexibility makes PCB-I 365 the ideal cloud solution for both large, medium and small companies!

PCB-I 365 not only gives you permanent direct access to all relevant data and also libraries, scripts, etc… Because, if several departments or external companies are involved in projects, special collaboration tools are required for efficient cooperation and coordination, in order to structure agreements efficiently. PCB-I 365 thus forms a reliable foundation for location-independent work!

You can also generate added value from your production data by using PCB-I 365 for your data management! Evaluate your loosely stored data sets centrally and thereby gain extended knowledge from your already existing data. This enables you to get an optimization of your work processes on track! For example, map entire production lines in PCB-I 365 and thereby gain an overview of all your manufacturing processes! An evaluation of such knowledge allows you not least to improve your entire workflow and at the same time to bring about an automation of the same! The possibilities are almost unlimited!

When you choose PCB-I 365, you also get access to our Easylogix Part Library (EPL)! Access all relevant part properties directly, such as real body outline, pin count, all dimensions or further information, such as a 3D step file for an exact physical model of your used parts!

data management platform PCB-I 365 creates a seamless link between PCB development and manufacturing. At the same time, you can move to a completely digital yet secure solution for your data management with the possibility of highly efficient collaboration and full production control.

PCB-Investigator and PCB-I 365 – your ideal match for electronics manufacturing.

PCB-I 365 is not permanently integrated into any ediition, but is integrated into your company processes with the assistance of our support team. If you are interested in PCB-I 365 or have any questions, please contact us directly.