Learn more about how PCB-Investigator is used in practice with some of the case studies listed below.
See for yourself how PCB-Investigator is used as a powerful, continuously developed as well as globally supported system.

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Gigler Electronik GmbH

Gigler Elektronik GmbH increases its production efficiency with the innovative data management platform PCB-I 365.

“With this tool, Gigler Elektronik has created the possibility of creating the requirements set for error-proof and rational implementation.”

Gigler Elektronik GmbH PDF (en) (de)

Arrabona Racing Team

Arrabona Racing Team uses PCB Investigator Physics for thermal simulation

“Using PCB Investigator Physics has been a huge improvement in our design process.”

Arrabona Racing Team PDF (en) (de)

PCB Express GmbH

PCB-Investigator is an indispensable tool

“Part of comprehensive consulting is that we expertly check the data already in our German offices and point out potential problems very quickly.”

PCB Express PDF (en) (de)

GCD-Printlayout GmbH

PCB-Investigator supports development and production preparation of electronic devices

“PCB-Investigator and its many options support us from quotation to production. Developers also benefit from the ability to discuss development data with their customers. The wide range of automation processes enables us to offer our services faster and with higher security.”

GCD Printlayout Service PDF (en) (de)

Matulka electronic GmbH

Matulka looks back on a successful introduction of electronic manufacturing documents.

“The exchange of information, work instructions and production feedback for and on the shop floor can be completely paperless with PCB Investigator.”

Matulka Paperless Fabrication PDF (en) (de) (fr) (es)


Automated optical inspection is used to detect defects in the manufacture of printed circuit boards or parts thereof.

“A camera takes a snapshot of the manufactured product and sends the image to the V2000 equipped with PCB-Investigator: PCB-Investigator’s AOI plug-in creates the original CAD data so that each individual part can be compared to it.”

ViTrox AOI PDF (en) (de) (fr) (es)