Facilitate the creation of stencils with openings for each paste depot with the Stencil Generation plug-in!

Stencil generation is an important step in PCB production. Switch from predefined to rule bases creation. This makes automation independent more reliable. The plug-in provides a powerful and easy-to-use solution for creating stencils specific to your PCB designs.

Advanced Stencil preparation includes:

  • Area Editor: provides the user with an easy way to individually adjust the solder mask openings for different components on the circuit board.
  • Stencil Generator: creates stencils for the assembly of circuit boards based on the information provided by the Area Editor.
  • Stencil Wizard: unlike the Stencil Generator, works with information about the components used to create stencil designs.
  • Stencil Analysis: a tool that analyzes the performance of stencils during the assembly process, including issues such as paste release and bridging, in order to optimize stencil design and improve manufacturing efficiency.