Release: Version 14.1

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We are pleased to announce the release of our latest PCB-Investigator software, version 14.1!

This update brings you a range of new features and improvements, all aimed at making your PCB design and manufacturing process simpler and more efficient. As always, our customer-oriented approach means that we’ve prioritized your needs and requests in the development of this release. With our intuitive interface and easy-to-use design, you can quickly start taking advantage of all the great new features in V14.1!

What the V14.1 can offer you:

  1. PCB-Investigator:
    • New “Delete” dialog
    • New color settings: Background / Profile / InfoText
    • New “Copy” options in most lists: Copy all/row/cell
    • Improved Drag & Drop for components (more docking lines)
    • Possibility to create links that directly open PCB-Investigator and a design
    • Minor bugfixes
  2. PCB-Investigator Physics:
    • New option to freeze the layout of operation states
    • Minor bugfixes / improvements
  3. Importer/Exporter:
    • DXF import
      • Completely reworked
    • DPF import
      • New text definition
    • Zuken import
      • Minor improvements and bug fixes
    • CCZ import
      • Minor improvements and bug fixes
    • Fabmaster import
      • Minor improvements and bug fixes
    • GenCad import
      • Minor improvements and bug fixes
  4. Analysis
    • Dispensing Analysis
      • New
    • Creepage Analysis
      • Package information added to result entries
    • Component Analysis
      • Error grouping
      • Report improvements
    • Stencil Analysis
      • New option for MPN pin check + drill in paste check
  5. Production Control:
    • NDF export (Agilent/Vitrox)
      • New
    • Siplace OIB Connector
      • New possibility to select existing Component-Shapes for newly created parts
      • Minor improvements
    • Siplace QD Exporter
      • Minor improvements
    • Test Coverage Report
      • Minor improvements and bug fixes
    • DFT Preparation
      • Solder mask Analysis improved
      • Auto probe placement algorithm now uses MPN Pin information
      • i3070/Seica/Spea Export improvements
    • Stencil Editor
      • Minor improvements and bug fixes
    • Parmi Exporter
      • Minor improvements
    • Göpel Exporter
      • Bugfix: Panel rotation
  6. Miscellaneous
    • Instance Sync
      • Minor improvements
    • Assembly drawing report
      • Design templates
      • Much more options
    • Part Matcher
      • Minor improvements (manual search)
    • Database Compare
      • New options to ignore test points
    • Graphic Board Compare
      • Report bugfixes
      • Outlines are compared
    • Extended Design Report
      • Minor improvements

If there are any questions concerning the latest release, please feel free to contact us.