The latest version V14 of our PCB-Investigator software is now available for you!

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You are currently viewing The latest version V14 of our PCB-Investigator software is now available for you!

As usual, this release also offers you a wide range of innovations, upgrades and improvements. And because we always focus on you as a customer, all innovations and modifications are oriented to your individual wishes.

For us, customer-oriented software development always means maintaining the simplest possible usability, so that you can incorporate all new features into your everyday work as quickly as possible!

What the V14 can offer you:

  1. PCB-Investigator
    • New Layer Matrix Dialog
    • Measuring between INote-Objects, e.g. DFT Probes
    • Better drawing performance for large component layers 
    • Direct access to “Edit” in the context menu 
    • Improved DCode handling in the Drill Tool Manager 
    • In many cases, “Zoom on Click” now uses the remaining visible drawing area to highlight the selected object (e.g. component) instead of the whole area, which might be partly covered by one or more dialogs 
    • Improved Component Manager 
    • Minor improvements and bug fixes 
    • API extensions 
    • New Part Matcher to search & match material part numbers in different libraries (e.g. EasyLogix Part Library) 
  2. PCB-Investigator Physics
    • New Result Viewer for Transient Simulations
      • Detailed temperature charts
      • Animated Heat Maps per Layer
  3. Importer/Exporter
    • Cadance Allegro FABmaster Importer 
      • Minor improvements and bug fixes
    • CMP Attribute Importer 
      • Minor improvements and bug fixes 
    • Direct import of an ODB++ step of another Design 
      • New
    • Gerber Importer/Exporter 
      • Support for GerberX3 Components 
      • Improved PCB Profile recognition 
      • More Import Parameters (Mirror, Ignore Header) 
      • Minor improvements and bug fixes 
    • IPC2581-B Importer / GenCad Importer / CCZ Importer 
      • Minor improvements and bug fixes 
    • SVG Exporter
      • New
    • WebGL Exporter
      • Performance & File Size Optimizations 
    • Zuken (pcf/ftf) Importer 
      • New
  4. Analysis
    • AOI/AXI Analysis
      • New AXI Shadow Analysis 
      • 3D Ray: Improved shadow recognition for Pins 
      • New Ignore option: Technology (to ignore e.g. THTs) 
    • Bare Board Analysis (DRC) 
      • Company managed Rules (read-only for the user) 
      • Minor improvements and bug fixes 
    • Creepage Analysis 
      • Possibility to combine Creepage and Air distances 
    • DFM Analysis 
      • New alternative Selective Soldering Check (acc. Component height) 
      • New Fiducial to Copper Check 
    • Stencil Analysis 
      • Completely revised 
      • Many new Analysis types 
  5. Production Control
    • ASM EPM SPI Import
      • New (imports paste pads/components) 
    • DFT Preparation 
      • New Export “Test Coverage Report” 
      • Minor improvements and bug fixes 
    • SIPLACE OIB Connector 
      • New
      • Connect your ASM machines directly via OIB and create placement lists/boards with a maximum degree of security regarding placement positions and angles 
    • SIPLACE QD Exporter 
      • Completely revised 
    • Test Coverage Report 
      • New
      • Reports the Total Test Coverage over many machines, like AOI/SPI/ICT/FP/… 
    • Viscom Export  
      • Now supports MPN Info, lead info, alias handling 
    • Yamaha Export 
      • New
      • For AOI and P-Tool 
  6. Miscellaneous
    • 3D View
      • New option: Drills (on/off)  
    • BOM Expert 
      • Minor improvements 
    • Component Report / Assembly Drawing Report 
      • New option: Part Name from Property 
    • Database Compare 
      • New options 
      • More columns  
      • Compare locations with tolerance 
      • Test point pads are handled as dummy components 
    • gunzip is no more used 
    • Part Library Entries now support a “Last Write Date” 

If there are any questions concerning the latest release, please feel free to contact us.