Import/Export ODB++, Gerber274x, Excellon with PCB-Investigator
These data formats work with all CAD design tools e.g. Mentor Graphics, Zuken, Visula, OrCad and Altium.

Product Line-Up
PCB-Investigator Ultimate | PCB-Investigator Electronic Developer | PCB-Investigator Physics | PCB-Investigator Fabrication | PCB-Investigator Production Control | PCB-Investigator Basic

PCB-Investigator helps you…

  • bringing your hardware into service
    as visual support for finding nets, components, test points and connectors
  • optimize your EMC analysis
    by means of definable color codes for single nets
  • with Bus optimization
    by means of purposeful presentment of connections and components
  • optimize Assembly
    by powerful distance measurements
  • with Heat analysis
    by finding Hot Spots easily. Load the printed circuit board data and deposit pictures of your heat camera.
  • with Change tracking
    by comparing different indices and versions of your printed circuit board
  • to bring together all developing departments
    with an effective information exchange. Benefit from license-free software with integrated PCB data and everyone is on the same information level