Helpful Hazard analysis with our tombstone DFM Analysis Plugin!

The tombstone effect describes a phenomenon where small smt components (like resistors or capacitors) are partially or completely lifted from one of its copper pads (looking like a tombestone in a cemetery) during reflow soldering. Our Tombstone DFM Analysis Plug-in helps to avoid this issue by providing a detailed analysis of hazard areas.

Possible hazard areas are small components with two pins. In case the distance from one pin connection to the other is too big, the component might be tipped upright during the soldering process.

To avoid this, the plug-in provides a list of all components with differences in their pin connections. This list includes the difference in percent and absolute numbers, the mounting side and the component package name.

Of course the results can be exported to an Excel CSV or TXT file and beginning with Version 9 there will also a HTML Export.

There is also a overview diagram with danger level depending on the difference of heat dissipation.