Release of PCB-Investigator V12

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It´s time again!

The latest version V12 of our software PCB-Investigator is now available for you!

As usual, this year’s release offers you a variety of new features, upgrades and improvements. And since we have always been focussing on you as our customer, all innovations and modifications are driven by your individual wishes or requests.

For us, customer-oriented software development includes maintaining the easiest possible operability, so that you can easily incorporate all new features into your daily work as quickly as possible!

What you can expect from the V12:

  • New plugin DFT Preparation:
    Test probes for fixture and fixtureless devices can be defined using different rules, and can be exported for Seica, Takaya and HP3070 machines.
  • Extended Design Report:
    Many more details (images, more analyse results, intelligent linking).
  • Compare Tool:
    Synchronize instances with list synchronize, interactive graphically data comparison; display of differences in an additional comparison tool.
  • New features for Physics:
    New possibility to define “PinBridges” with electrical resistances between pins of any component – for an even more realistic simulation of complex circuits.

  • PDF Sync: PDFs can be viewed and crosshighlighted with the layout (e.g. schematics).
  • Revised Gerber Import and Export: GerberX2 is now fully supported and different new options panel import and export are availaible (incl. profile export).
  • Scripting Engine: New debugging possibilities, new Intellisense system and code snippets.
  • 7z + rar format: Support for including data
  • Dielectric Strength: For checking your PCB for electricity leaked.
  • 3D plane cuts: New ones to create 2D layers for visualization.
  • PCBI 365: Cloud based data management platform with integrated Part Library (EasyLogix Part Library – EPL).
  • Definition of a REAL_BODY_OUTLINE: e.g. from the EPL; for usage in all design rule checks and simulations

  • DPF import: New Options for keeping the nested block structure instead of flattening it.
  • BareBoard DRC: Availability of a new option for “Stacked Microvias”.
  • AOI Analysis: Performance improvements, new import/export result possibility in 3D Ray Analysis.
  • IPC356 Export: Supports inner VIAs and drill depth.
  • Color Groups: New options to set color by attributes.
  • Step export: More options (e.g. hide board to export only inner layers).
  • Component Attribute Import: New options and possibilities.
  • Eagle / DXF / GenCAD-Import: Bugfixes and small improvements.
  • Machine Formats: Viscom output for AOI, AXI and SPI machines with many options (e.g. using CAD Library, auto Group/Type detection, THT checks) and Parmi SPI output with individual paste thickness for step stencil.
  • Panel Builder: New options and possibilities.

If there are any questions concerning the latest release, please feel free to contact us.